rare white kiwi

White Kiwi Birds

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White kiwi birds are without a doubt the rarest species of kiwis that can be seen in the world today. In fact, there are only 3 such birds known to exist in captivity nowadays. Since white kiwi birds are so rare, there is no wonder that the birth of such a kiwi is an important event.


A white kiwi was born at a New Zealand wildlife center in December, 2011. The happy event took place at Pakaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Center, this actually being the second white kiwi bird born in this spot in 2011. Naturally, the famous Manukura is the first kiwi bird that that was brought here, back in May, 2011. Mauriora, which means sustained life, is the name of the kiwi bird that was born in this New Zealand zoo in December. Naturally, it was all a great event for the keepers of this zoo.

Well, today visitors interested in seeing the two lovely white kiwi birds can visit the Pakaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Center, which is located in Wairarapa district, at about 90 minutes drive from Wellington.


One of the most interesting things about white kiwis is the fact that white genes are known to only be existent in a limited number of the kiwi population. For a white kiwi to be born both the male and the female kiwi has to possess the white genes. So, the fact that the Pakaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Center now homes two white kiwi birds is absolutely remarkable.