The cute and cuddly kiwi bird

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Only found in the country of New Zealand the kiwi bird is a relatively famous bird because of its unique appearance and long snout. It has thin strands of fur rather than feathers and much like the penguin only has flipper type arms where a normal bird’s wing would be. These however do not aid the kiwi bird in swimming because they do not swim otherwise the warming fur they carry would be soaked and drag them under the water.

One of the great mascots of the country of New Zealand these birds are becoming harder and harder to find in the wild so the local national conservation industry has started planning reserves for the species so that their existence is better secured. The problem is that these birds need to be protected from predators as well as being repopulated and then introduced back into the wild. For the safety of their existence the birds should be placed in natural habitats that are protected with fences that are able to keep out the wild dogs, cats and other smaller animals that were introduced to New Zealand by the Maori and the European settlers.

There are also several foundations that aid the survival of the kiwi bird which take donations for the scientific research to reintroduce and repopulate the animal back to high numbers in the wild. Farming and building have taken a lot of the land from the native bird which is a difficult problem to rectify. The BNZ Bank is one of the many funds that you can donate to so that this little guy has a better fighting chance at survival.