North Island Brown Kiwi

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The North Island Brown Kiwi is a really interesting species of kiwi birds. This species of kiwi is widespread in the North Island of New Zealand. Actually, this is the most common type of kiwi, statistics showing that there are about 35000 individuals left in the world. Most of these individuals are found in the North Island and in the Little Barrier Island.

Female brown kiwis are about 40 cm high (16 inch). They commonly weight around 2.8 kg (6.2 lb.). Males are smaller than females, this being an important characteristic of these kiwi birds. A male brown kiwi will only weight about 2.2 kg.


Brown kiwi birds can be seen in zoos from all over the world. In fact, this is the only species of kiwis that is known to be internationally found in zoos. However, this species of kiwis is still listed as an endangered one. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the kiwi is currently at risk of becoming extinct. The species is found on the Red List of Threatened Species, of this organization.

Why is the North Island brown kiwi endangered?

Well, it seems that there are numerous predators which threaten this beautiful, small bird. Some of the main predators of the brown kiwi are dogs, cats and stoat Mustela erminea. In certain areas in which mammalian pest control is not functional, about 94 percent of all kiwis do not reach the age of breeding. As such an impressive number of birds die before breading, the brown kiwi population has decreased spectacularly.

And statistics are not optimistic at all when it comes to the future of these lovely birds. Specialists have estimated that only 5 percent of kiwi chicks survive to adulthood. Survival rates are higher in areas in which predators are limited.

Numerous efforts to help the increase of the kiwi birds population have been made so far. Hopefully, all these efforts will not be in vane and the kiwi bird population will keep on growing in the following years.