Little Spotted Kiwi Birds

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The Little Spotted Kiwi bird, also known as the Grey Kiwi, actually is the smallest species of kiwi. Original from New Zealand, Little Spotted kiwis have a length of 14 to 18 inch. They weight about 2.0 lb, having pale-mottled gray looks. Like all kiwis, this species also lacks a tail, having small pygostyle.


Little spotted kiwis feed on small insects, as well as grubs. They can also eat berries. These kiwis cannot fly in the search for food, so they are going to dig searching for something to eat on the ground. Little spotted kiwi birds have poor eyesight, being dependent on their great sense of smell, as well as on their beak and talons.

Like all species of kiwis, these birds are monogamous, so they only mate at a time. Commonly, they mate for life. Little spotted kiwi birds have just one egg a season. The egg is incubated by the male only.


This species of kiwi birds used to be widespread in the North and South Islands of the county. Nowadays, there are few Little Spotted kiwi birds left in New Zealand. Predators such as cats, dogs, but also stoats have brought an important contribution to the decline of the kiwi bird population. The species actually disappeared from the North Island in the 1900s. In fact, since the 1980s, this unique species of kiwi birds was declared extinct on the South Island. Currently, there are still little spotted kiwi birds in New Zealand, mostly on the Kapiti Islands.

Statistics show that there are about 1500 little spotted kiwis in the wild today. The species used to include another form of kiwis, but they became distinct in the late 1800s. As already mentioned, there are many predators that put at risk these beautiful birds. In the lack of a sanctuary for them, little spotted kiwis may become extinct. So, the species is still at risk, even though specialists claim that it is recovering.