Learn about the kiwi bird

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The kiwi is as New Zealand as any other icon that they have here in this tiny twin island country but the kiwi bird sure is the cutest of the lot of them. Being here since before man arrived on the island the kiwi bird has had no natural predator until this date except for the giant eagles that used to live in this land. Now the eagle is extinct however man has brought other dangers to the kiwi bird like the introduction of the domestic dogs and cats as well as cars and farming machinery that kill many kiwi birds all years round.

Many years ago in the untamed land of New Zealand the Kiwi bird had mostly free rein without any particularly harsh preditors.  Being a ground bird which is flightless give the impression that evolution took place in a comfortable zone which allowed the kiwi to remain living on the floor of the forest.  These days the kiwi bird is in danger from most of the introduced species which not only attack the birds themselves but also attack their eggs.  The egg being almost the same weight as the bird itself would make a great meal for any hungry preditor.  Food sources are also a problem for the kiwi now that the introduction of the possum has caused great competition for these resources.