Kiwi Bird in New Zealand

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There are only a few flightless birds left around the world, some which are big like the emu and ostrich while others are small like the puffin and the kiwi bird. Unfortunately for any of the flightless birds their chance of survival is not as high as the birds that can fly simply because of the introduced pests that enter countries. Domestic dogs and cats are the main culprit for killing native wildlife in many countries and the only way to defend these animals is to put them into breeding programs to repopulate them or place them in zoos or reserves that are completely fenced off.

The kiwi bird is one of the ones that are especially in trouble as people still take their dogs hunting in the bush which allows the dogs to have access to the birds. Even though these birds are extraordinarily fast running through the bush which is why they are not seem in the wild very often the dogs can easily track them and break into their burrows or log homes. You can go to see these kiwi birds in all of the zoos in New Zealand where the bird originates from for many hundreds of thousands of years. The giant Moa bird which was just like an emu was a relative of the kiwi bird until the giant eagle and man hunted them into zero numbers which totally killed off this very valuable species. It is important that we learn from this mistake so that we do not do it again otherwise we will lose out on many of the animals that make our countries unique.