Kiwi Bird

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Many people know and love the kiwi bid because it is such a common face to remember when it comes to tourism while visiting the islands of New Zealand. The birds are a native bird from these islands which have been around for many thousands of years and perhaps longer. Smaller cousins of the great Moa birds which died out after the islanders reached these islands the kiwi is one of the last of its kind.  A flightless bird which has hair rather than feathers and a long snout like appendage which is used for sucking up insects and other food items like fruits. The kiwi bird lays large eggs which can be up to half the weight of the bird that laid it. Their survival rate has been poor since man has introduced domestic animals to the New Zealand Islands which means that it is their responsibility to keep them safe in the future. Protected sanctuaries have been designed to keep the kiwi bird in and the predators out however the birds are still classed as endangered.

There is a lot that needs to be done to help the survival of the kiwi bird which includes the eradication of pests and dangerous pets. By controlling other animal species we can hopefully change the future for the best so that the kiwi bird will have a better chance of repopulating and getting off the endangered list. In recent years the kiwi eggs have been taken from their natural mothers in the wild and in the enclosures so that the care takers can optimize the success rate for hatchlings that live. This has been working to a high degree during this study which is good news for the kiwi fans. The kiwi bird has a very keen sense of smell which means that it does not have too much trouble finding tasty treats to eat like grubs or fallen fruit from the trees. They are very fast runners and difficult to spot in the wild which is one of very few advantages that the kiwi bird has. The councils of New Zealand are working on plans that will help the kiwi birds repopulate and grow strong so that this national emblem stay in the country for ever.