Interesting Facts About Kiwi Birds

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Kiwi birds are really fascinating. This is quite a unique species in the world, the kiwi being the smallest living member of the ratite family, which also includes ostriches and emu birds. The kiwi bird prefers nocturnal environments. There are numerous interesting facts you should know about this bird.


Below are listed some of the most important ones:

  • This is the only known bird in the world to have nostrils at the end of its bill.
  • The kiwi bird has an incredible developed sense of small.
  • It sniffs out its food.
  • Kiwi birds have no tail, which makes them unique.
  • The body temperature of a kiwi bird is of about 38 degrees. This is a lower temperature than the one of all other birds.
  • The feathers of a kiwi bird look exactly like hair.
  • This is a flightless bird that has the size of a chicken.
  • The kiwi bird sleeps during the day and is mostly active during nighttime.
  • It has a long beak, which actually is about one-third the length of its body.
  • The physical features of the kiwi bird are different from the ones of any other type of bird that exists on earth today.
  • The kiwi is native to New Zealand, actually being the national symbol of this country.
  • Kiwi birds cannot fly.
  • The kiwi digs up and chows on worms.
  • A kiwi bird is almost blind, meaning that it can see only to about six feet distance at night and less than two feet during the day.
  • This bird uses the nostrils to be able to hunt.
  • Kiwi birds lay eggs that are the size of ostrich eggs. This means that these birds lay enormous eggs for their own size.
  • Kiwi birds are believed to be more than 8 million years old.
  • A kiwi weights about 800 g to 1 kg. Its height is of about 50 cm.
  • The normal diet of a kiwi includes worms, spiders, bugs, grubs and fruit, as well as freshwater and frogs.
  • There actually are five kiwi species. They include North Island Brown Kiwi, Great Spotted Kiwi, Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Rowi, and Tokoeka .
  • A female kiwi is larger than a male.


Kiwi birds are without a doubt some of the most interesting birds in the world. They are unique, curious, but also quite beautiful.