Helping the kiwi bird survive

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There are many fundraising activities that are attributed to the survival of the kiwi bird from major banks collecting funds to the likes of the girl guides doing there bit to help this flightless bird. Over the last few decades the citizens of New Zealand have had to come to terms with the fact that if something very immense is not done straight away then the population of this native animal will dwindle until it no longer exists.

You can show your support through any of the registered fund raising activities or by visiting a sanctuary to see the birds in their natural habitat. Once you are at the reserve or wildlife park you can make a donation or buy one of the soft toys where part of the money goes towards protecting this species.

The kiwi bird has been a part of New Zealand for tens of thousands of years being the closest living relative to the Moa bird that is now extinct. These native birds have more right than any human to live in peace on this small island country so give generously so that we can save this little guy for total extinction.