Funny Animated Kiwi Stories

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The kiwi bird is a very interesting specie. The animated videos that have been created on its life are based on the idea that these birds are flightless, but that they want to be just like other bird species which are able to fly.

In this first video, the project was aimed at creating an illustrated animation in which an endangered animal is the main character and which provides a moral at the end. Aside from the fact that the kiwi bird finally manages to fly, due to the fact that it has not given up, we also get more morals. We can also consider the initial part in which deforestation happens. As this is an occurrence of our modern society, we can imagine the fact that animals would have to migrate to forested areas… but not all of them may be this lucky in reality!


In the second video, we can see another attempt at a kiwi bird flying. This is a fully animated video and it is based on the kiwi bird getting at least the illusion of flying if nothing else. This video has also been created as an education project and it can be closely related to the moral theme of the previous one.

Both animations have been created with a moral purpose as educational projects and they are both based on pretty much the same idea -- how can a flightless kiwi bird end up flying!