Dangers of being a kiwi bird

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Some very small animals with little to no way of defending themselves are becoming extinct very quickly compared to the more rugged animals of the planet. Man is usually the biggest threat and if not man than the species of other animals that man has introduced to the smaller animals territory. Dogs and cats are the main predators of the kiwi bird who really only has speed for its defense because hiding in the undergrowth is not enough to keep away from these dangerous animals. The young kiwi birds do not stand much of a chance against these bigger predators as well as other predators around like the smaller weasels and stoats that eat the kiwi bird eggs as well as preying on their young. Other introduced birds like the magpie will take a small kiwi for food for its young while the possum which escaped Australia to New Zealand takes most of the kiwi birds’ food supplies.

The kiwi is a native only to the islands that make up New Zealand where the population and people of this country have gone out of their way to make reserves and sanctuaries for the survival of the small animal. A ground based bird without the ability to fly means that these birds need all the protection that they can get from outside influences otherwise they are a risk of being wiped of the face of the earth by all the people, land taking and other animals that prey on the kiwi. Many years ago the giant Moa bird much like the emu but greatly bigger was a cousin or distant relation to the kiwi bird. These Moa birds are now no longer alive or found anywhere in the world which is what the population of New Zealand is trying to prevent happening to the kiwi bird.