Five Species Of Kiwi Birds

Kiwi birds are flightless birds, native to New Zealand, but they are also endangered. These birds are New Zealand’s mascots and their name comes after their cry — “kee-wee kee-wee”. Because Kiwi birds are a national symbol of New Zealand, the people from this country are  known all over the world as “Kiwis”. The kiwi … Read more

Kiwi Facts: Native Land Birds in New Zealand

The national symbol of the New Zeeland is none other than the Kiwi. This cute little animal is a nocturnal, flightless bird. Unfortunately, the five species of Kiwi that exist on this Planet are all endangered due to the massive destruction of their habitat and a high degree of invasive mammalian predators. Photo by: Chris … Read more

Why Is The Kiwi Bird Endangered?

rare white kiwi

Photo by: Chris McLennan Photography Ltd The kiwi bird is the representative specie of birds in New Zealand. The importance of this tinny creature comes from the fact that this is the place which it mostly inhabits around the world and that is why the bird is also seen as a national symbol. Unfortunately, the … Read more